Reenacting with the Third Minnesota
Our legal name is The Third Minnesota Regiment Volunteer Infantry Co. C Inc. We are an incorporated  501 (c) (3) organization of living history historians that are driven by our Minnesota Civil War History.

Our first priority is that of education. We believe that teaching history through Living History brings one back in time and makes one feel like they are walking through a window in time.

The history that we reflect is documented happening of the 3rd Minnesota as well as other Civil War related history.

We give presentations to schools, churches, senior citizens and for just about any organization that one can mention. Some of our presentations include encampments of living history.

We recognize the importance of Memorial Day, Veteran's Day and any other memorial type services and participate in them regularly. We sponsor the Memorial Day Service at Goodhue and have been for the past eight years coming up in 2010.

Most of our members live in and around Goodhue County and  Southeastern Minnesota including the Twin Cities area and we participate in functions that are in Minnesota, Iowa and Wisconsin for the most part.

Our unit is Family Friendly as we invite all members of a family to participate. We believe in family values and promote family involvement. Encampments & reenactments are family camping in period style although broken into several closely formed camps.

Our unit consists of Union Soldiers giving an impression of the 3rd Minnesota Regiment Volunteer Infantry as well as Provost & Medical and Civilians that reflect life in the Civil War Era. 

We are involved in reenactments and participate in several of these types of educational events every year.

We believe that our impressions should be as accurate to the era as can be possible and do have a list of bylaws that our members follow.

We not only enjoy what we do as the 3rd Minnesota, but enjoy each other as well and have fun at all of our events.

We invite you to look at our Camp & Presentation Photo page linked on our Homepage. These photographs are a good reflection of what we are about, who we are, and our values. After looking through our photographs, we invite you to come to one of our events and see for yourself, how we portray living history and have fun doing it.

Meetings are posted on the homepage as well and you are always welcome to sit in on one.
We encourage you to visit with several units and find the one that best fits your interests as to Artillery, Cavalry, Infantry, Medical, Christian Commission, etc. A link to other Minnesota Reenacting units can be found on our home page.

Please also feel free to contact the Third Minnesota with any questions you might have about the unit, membership or scheduling us for one of your presentations or events.

When scheduling a presentation or event with the Third Minnesota. Please keep in mind that our schedules are made through our member meetings in the winter & early spring months of the year and the more time for planning, the better it works out for all concerned.

Your Humble Servant,

A. F. Bianchi

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