The Third Minnesota Regiment, Volunteer Infantry, Co. C

August 1st & 2nd 2009

Boscobel Wis.
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Music:  Do They Miss Me At Home
Music Of The Civil War, By Dayle K
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3rd Minnesota Sergeants had the honor  to drill the 4th Company as to be ready for battalion drill. The 4th Company consisted of some of the most elite soldiers of the 3rd & 5th Minnesota and of the 24th & 32nd Iowa.

Union, Confederate and Civilian tent cities like this one could be seen  throughout the park and it was said there were over 900 pre-registrations.

Back at camp, the shelters were set & the boys fared well. A young civilian girl brought  a pie that was well appreciated.
3rd Minnesota Civilians were there as well and found their camp surrounded by Wis. Cavalry. In 3rd Minnesota style, they were able to hold their ground to the advance of the cavalry.
Morning Parade
In Battalion 
                 4th Co.           3rd Co.         2nd Co.               1st Co.
The over 3 hr. drive was well worth it if all one did was the battalion drill.
The Confederate force
The boys marching off to battle
Hey!  There's that Old Fat Amish  Man with a 10 Year Old Shirt
Minnesota soldiers enjoying some free time.
The Saturday Battle
1st Bull Run
The Sunday Battle
We all went to the pie & ice cream social and then off to the ball
2nd Sgt. Boraas instructing the boys the art of eating