Samuel's Civil War Camp...
October 2009
The Third Minnesota in Southern Minnesota
The Rebs tell their side.
The boys enlist to save the Union.
Pvt. Tom Gall instructs the School of the Soldier...
The North & South meet to try and solve their differences
The Confederates fill their ranks.
The country is torn in half. It's four long bloody years of war as men from both side fight for what they believe in.
America is United once more.
The 3rd Minn. participates in many types of presentations of the Civil War. We are all proud of our own individual heritages. This is one way that historians come together to teach our youth our history and in so doing, honor all those from the North & the South who fought in the Great Rebellion and gave their last full measure.
Music: Goober Peas
The Contemplator
Sequenced by Lesley Nelson-Burns
Thanks for allowing me to use some of your music.
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Special thanks to our Confederate friends for sharing their history...