The Wasioja Muster
May 2nd & 3rd, 2009
Wasioja, Minnesota
The Wasioja Recruiting Station
The 3rd Minn. Regt. Vol. Inf. Co. C Provost & Medical
Invite you to their camp at the Wasioja Recruiting Station throughout the weekend and asks your participation in honoring the Civil War Veterans from the Wasioja & Dodge County area at the Wildwood Cemetery on Sunday.  "Lest We Not Forget"

For more information of the Muster, its purpose and the 2011 event, go to  Wasioja Civil War Days
This site has information  About the Recruiting Station & Seminary
To learn more about Dodge County in the Civil War, go to your  Dodge County Historical Society
Thanks to the
Friends of Wasioja,

The Dodge County
Historical Society
All The Many Volunteers
Marching with the 3rd to and from the Wildwood Cemetery. There's nothing like marhing to the music of the fifes and drums and seeing the colors waving out in front... The march was about 1 mi. to the cemetery & 1 mi. back.
To Arms! To Arms!
Wasioja is raising a company...

We will be mustering in Wasioja
We Must Put Down the Rebel Aggression.
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The only known  surviving Civil War Recruiting Station  west of the Mississippi
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These films were taken by Diane Buganski with her camera.
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